Listen, one thing I’ll say about eating inside: it’s no picnic

Sara here. Okay, so things were happening in my behind. And we had a lot of projects (mostly…?) finished. But we didn’t have a place to actually eat. Sure, the fire pit in nice and toasty & I’ve been on a pillow shopping spree but you can’t just like have a meal without trying to balance it in your lap and then oh shit it’s now only your lap and that’s not coming out in the wash and it was your favorite pair of pants. I’m not trying to be her.

So I asked Odie if we would build a picnic table. To which he asked me how that’s done. And I showed him a lot of YouTube videos of other people making picnic tables. But he asked me to specify how much wood we’d need and at what length. I had no idea. I looked for a picnic table kit that would basically be put together but everyone (Lowes, Home Depot, Ace’s) were out and not getting any in the near (or distant) future. Some more Googling lead me to someone named Bob’s website with a print out plan on how to build your very own picnic table. And off we went to Home Depot since at least they had lumber.

Lumber, carriage bolts, screws (this was the day I learned that screws come in gauge sizes!) and we were ready to build this beast. But we bought sod on the first trip because there was a need.

Look at all that sexy sod.

We’re back to buy more stuff!
He also held up the window.
There’s a joke in here somewhere.

After the sod went down and we went back to buy the wood, we got to action! Power tools came out and wood was cut (some at angles!), holes were pre-drilled (even though I tried to talk him out of it because I’m not very smart with this kind of stuff and would rather have pushed through. I’m the worst helper to have with these things).

The tape measure lets you know we mean business.
Odie drilling into the marks I made on the wood because pre-drilling is a thing, even if I didn’t want it to be. And thank god because it did save us time in the long run
Look! I’m using the drill now! And I got a kingdom of sawdust for my effort.
Selfie moment. My dirty behind has light shine upon it.

Daylight was pretty much over at this point so we finished up connecting the seats to the seat support braces, then rewarded ourselves with a drink. You know, because drinking while operating power tools was not in our best interests.

Sunday was a new day, and we were gonna get this damn picnic table finished dammit!

May I interest you in a leg?

The finish line was in sight! Legs went on and connected with the carriage bolts to the table top piece. But our fear was at it’s peak – we were about to connect the seats to the legs.

Are you there god? It’s me, Sara.

Thankfully Beau & John came around on Sunday (my behind is the bee’s knees) so we recruited them to help hold heavy things so we could wrap this project up.

And with that, there was great rejoicing!!

(great rejoicing)

We placed the picnic table on top of the cement paver patio we’d knocked out the month or so before. It occurs to me that we forgot to put the cute navy blue pineapple outdoor rug down before this moment… uh… who wants to tell Odie we are gonna have to lift this heavy beast up to do that? Maybe later…

What’s going down in my behind next? Stay tuned!

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